I appreciate Michael's background in choral literature and stylistics.  He is sensitive to different styles of writing and has encouraged me to further my own style.  Sitting side-by-side perusing manuscripts with a fine-toothed comb has been of unbelievable benefit to me.


 Paul Bouman, composer

“I commissioned a piece from Michael with a specific text in mind, and he did a fantastic job at analyzing and breaking down the stanzas into a smaller text. As he was composing the piece over time, he was extremely collaborative and kept me “in the know”, updating me with his progress and playing back recordings of the ongoing piece. It was obvious to me immediately how well crafted the piece was, and once it was completed, he encouraged my musical interpretation of the piece and was pleased with the way I brought it to life. I absolutely love the piece, and it invokes my personal joy, inspiration, and motivation for singing each and every time I perform it. It was wonderfully pleasant to work with Michael and I hope to do so again in the near future.”

Justin Martin, tenor

Wolniakowski's work as a composer is characterized by excellent craftmanship in service of a clear musical utterance–expressive intuitiveness guided by intellectual rigor.  He has a keen melodic sense, a subtle harmonic language and a gift for polyphony.  Wonderful work!                                                                                                            

 Maurice Boyer, conductor

Michael Wolniakowski has an ear, both as a composer and music publisher, for music that is relevant, practical, and performable.  This is not to say that he trends toward simplistic or easy music–one need only look at some of the complex pieces he has written to know this.  Rather, he has a gift for seeing the best in his own music, and that of his contemporaries, and building it up into something that is even better.

Clayton J Horath, composer

Oak Park Concert Chorale had the privilege of premiering Wolniakowski's TE DEUM–a piece which quickly became one of our favorite works.  We were so pleased with this experience and with Michael's collaboration with our ensemble, that we appointed him Composer-in-Residence.  The freshness of his melodic lines and harmonies demonstrate what fine musical artisanship Wolniakowski possesses.  We look forward to the fruits of his creativity in our many future collaborations. 

Paul Lindblad, conductor

Coaching with Michael Wolniakowski has been a great help as I've worked repertoire from its infancy all the way to performance and competition. Michael has an ear for style and a great drive to reach mutual success. Having Michael available as a pair of outside ears has helped me to find and address troublesome spots in some of my music, and we've established a rapport that allows Michael to provide constructive feedback along with an immediate opportunity to explore making changes.  This allows for infinite discovery:  inflection, dynamics, ornaments, language, and more can be approached from new angles in a challenging and safe environment.  Michael encourages the singer to make choices and then examine their impact on the performance.  This is a great resource when it comes to practicing for upcoming performances, whether it be a recital, an opera, or a competition.

Samuel James Dewse, baritone

Regarding the establishment of tempo 1˚ press:  "I am delighted to see such a beautiful product from your new company.  Lovely engraving and formatting, a composer's eye for quality music, professional presentation, all the hallmarks of a fine publisher".

Frederick Frahm, composer

Michael Wolniakowski has been a phenomenal music teacher for our daughter Morgan.  When we scheduled her first lesson, she really didn't want to go because she didn't know how to read music and didn't think it would be fun.  After her first lesson with Michael, she loved it–and was so excited to learn and couldn't wait until her next lesson to show Michael what she could do–and for him to see how she improved so fast.


Michael has a fun and caring approach which made it easy for our daughter to learn.  We love him for the way he has taught our daughter these past three years–the influence of a good teacher can never be erased.  We look forward to seeing the wonderful things he will teach our daughter–and others.   


Tracie Hawes, parent



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